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This series of wireframes were created using Balsamiq. These were not used for User Testing, but rather to explain to the whole development team what we were building.

Crowds (later renamed "Krowds") was a system that allowed a group of Pixorial users to post and share videos. Users who did not take the original video could watch and also identify segments of the videos that were posted so that they could add that video to their own account. This was a popular idea for kid's sports events, plays, and recitals of all kinds. Typically in these events there are numerous parents taking video. Sometimes one parent may have had a better angle/view point of a student than the parent, so, the Pixorial user could pick the shot they prefered most.

Kids going off to college who need a "highlight" reel to submit could also easily choose the moments with all the video collections that best demonstrated their skills. This was especially important for the kids who's parents were not able to make it to their events but also for the kids whose parents were not able to, or inclined to, take video at their events.