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I did the following watercolor sketches on location in preparation for oil paintings now that I'm back in the studio. As I do the finished work, I'll post to the site, but thought I'd post these for now. Some of these are more finished than others but hoped you'd enjoy. ~Terry

Church in Bormes
Bormes, FR - A hillside village.

Church in Bormes
Church in Bormes, FR

Looking down on Bormes
Looking Down on Bormes, FR from Le Grand Hotel

A main road in Bormes
A main road in Bormes, FR

Church in Hyeres
Church in Hyeres, FR

Le Cafe du Progres in Bormes
Le cafe du Progres in Bormes, FR - >> An animated conversation. This French guy was waving his hands and arms gesturing wildly as this girl could only look on in amusement (or horror... not sure, really), but it was fun to draw.

Red Door in Bormes
"The Red Door" in Bormes, FR

Beach at Le Lavandou
Beach at Le Lavandou, FR

Full Moon over Bormes
Full Moon over Bormes, FR

Square in Collobrieres
The square in Collobrieres, FR

Tree on beach south of Le Lavandou
A beach just south of Le Lavandou, FR

An artist in Port Cros
A painter in a cafe in Port Cros, FR

Port Cros
Port Cros, FR

Pan Parasaule Trees in Bormes
Pan Parasaule trees by old fort in Bormes, FR

Le Grand Hotel
The artist at Le Grand Hotel in Bormes, FR having a beer in between great glasses of French wine and food.

Medi-terry-anian, FR

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