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Publishing Environment

This Publishing Environment example was designed for Quark, Inc. The purpose of this publishing environment was to pull together a variety of existing products within Quark and present them in a cohesive working environment.

These applications included Quark XPress (page layout), eStage (catalog creation), DMS (media management), DMS Query (content organizer), Workflow Designer (workflow creation and management tool), and Assignment Tracker (a subset of functionality from Workflow Designer). A module for template organization and one for project related instant messaging was also to be included.

I created several versions of user interface layouts for this project which illustrated various UI implementation approaches. However, the main purpose of this project for me was to create an interactive demo that could be used to evangalize the validity of this project approach to all layers of management. It was well received and set the stage for future product development at Quark.

(Screenshots from one approach are shown below)

Workflow DesignerThis approach uses a seperate window for functionality outside of Quark XPress (the page layout program). Other versions of this interface were done as a self contained program with all modules within one environment.

Project Tracking was a module from Quark's Workflow Designer Product.

One of the few modules that still needed to be created was an Instant Message system for projects.

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