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WebCopyDesk (a remote text editor)

WebCopyDesk (later renamed WebEdit) is a web interface which allows users to access Quark's DMS (Digital Media System) assets, files or documents remotely to make quick text-only edits.

(Screenshots shown below)

Workflow Designer

The user can search for a particular text string or document within Quark's Media Portal.

The DMS Media Portal is the web frontend for accessing files within Quark's DMS asset management system. The user is presented with assets that only they have the rights to view and/or edit.

In the example above, a file is selected to edit.

The user is presented with a list of text attributes within the selected document that are either read-only or editable. The user would select a text attribute to edit.

The user is presented with a simple edit window with limited options for editing the text attributes within an XPress document.

Note that it was determined that many of the users of this system would have limited experience with computers. For example, a sales manager at a supermarket who may be ordering signs, a retail clerk who is tasked with checking a weekly mailing, or others with limited computer experience. For that reason, the Check In and Check Out buttons that are a normal part of the DMS asset management system were surpressed. These activities were handled behind the scene and the user of this simple text edit program only needed to deal with Apply and Save functionality.

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