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Video Editing Application

Adobe Premiere 5.1

Premiere is Adobe's non-linear video editing product. The interaction design challenge moving from version 4.x to v5.x was to redesign the workflow to cut down on the numberous overlapping windows that hampered productivity. Users spent too much time moving windows around rather than staying focused on the tasks at hand. To that end, the source and preview windows from earlier versions were moved into one window (the Monitor window). This allowed many new editing features to be added because they made more sense within the dual window environment. A new list view was added to the Project window and a reordering of tracks within the Timeline was done to match user expectations of how they should behave.

Another big goal was to update the look and feel of Premiere to match other Adobe Products such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Palettes were redesigned, a Navigator palette was added, and keyboard shortcuts were changed to either match standard Adobe functionality or to match popular high-end video editing applications.

(Screenshot shown below)

Premiere Screenshot

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